Trendsetters: Canadian Company Leads Stem Cell Industry in Research and Development

TORONTO (June 14, 2011) – In the last year, two major US cord blood companies
have made human umbilical cord mesenchymal tissue/cell storage available to
the public. This is a particularly exciting development for Toronto-based Tissue
Regeneration Therapeutics (TRT) who have been providing such services, for over
three years, to thousands of Canadians through an exclusive license to CReATe
Cord Blood Bank. “It illustrates the leadership capabilities of Canadian stem cell
research to drive the industry,” said Dr. John E. Davies, TRT’s president and CEO.

Emerging from Toronto’s stem cell research community, and supported in part by
the Canadian Stem Cell Network, TRT has identified itself as a unique contender in
the mesenchymal field. The company was the first to have patents issued and
allowed in both the US and Europe for the extraction of perivascular
mesenchymal cells from human cord tissue. This cell source has also allowed a
paradigm shift in the understanding of such stem cells: “Mesenchymal stem cells
have always been thought of a single population but, based on robust
experiments at the single cell level done in collaboration with the University of
Toronto, we have redefined the previously accepted mesenchymal stem cell
hierarchy, “ said Davies.

The emergence of similar initiatives in the US is a substantial advance for the
worldwide stem cell community, however it is particularly exciting to see one of
Canada’s own leading the trend.

TRT was founded in 2004 on the research and intellectual property of Dr. Davies
and his research team at the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering,
University of Toronto (U of T). The company provides licensing opportunities to
collaborating partners. Together, they create cell and regenerative strategies for
therapies that address important health care issues of today.

TRT will be in attendance at this year’s International Society for Stem Cell
Research conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, booth 730, June
15-18, 2011. Please visit for more information.

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