Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics Grants Exclusive U.S. License for PeriVascular Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Technology to PerkinElmer’s ViaCord® Cord Blood Banking Business

The agreement includes a collaborative research initiative, which supports Tissue Regeneration
Therapeutics’ international leadership in the field of mesenchymal stem cell technology.

Toronto, ON (October 28, 2011) – J. E. Davies, President and CEO of Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics
(TRT), announced today an exclusive licensing agreement with PerkinElmer’s family cord blood banking
business, ViaCord®, which will now be able to offer families in the US the ability to extract stem cells
from the tissue surrounding the vessels of the umbilical cord, a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells
(MSCs). The proprietary extraction method is enabled through TRT’s human umbilical cord perivascular
cell (HUCPVC) technology.

TRT first identified this important source of newborn stem cells, a finding independently confirmed by
international research groups. Since these stem cells have many important potential applications in the
body, they may represent a valued medical option to ViaCord’s family banking customers for a variety of
diseases. TRT has shown that these cells can produce all the tissues of the musculo-skeletal system e.g.
bone, cartilage, muscle, tendons and the dermis of the skin. These cells also accelerate wound healing by
stimulating the growth of new blood vessels, and additionally possess unique immuno-regulatory
properties and may be used to treat immune and inflammatory diseases.

Families in Canada were the first in the world to have access, since 2006, to this umbilical cord tissue
HUCPVC technology through a license to CReATe Cord Blood Bank, who market the TRT technology as
PeristemTM, making both TRT and CreATe leaders in the worldwide stem cell community. “Because of
this agreement between ViaCord and TRT, ViaCord can exclusively offer families in the US the ability to
benefit from TRT’s robust, and leading, internationally patented technology,” said Bruce Berckmans,
Vice President of Business Development for TRT.

The TRT technology will be offered in the US to expectant parents, by ViaCord, as an important adjunct
to their current cord cell banking services. “The agreement between ViaCord and TRT further
distinguishes ViaCord’s leadership in the area of cord tissue stem cell banking by providing our
customers with exclusive access to this rich source of MSCs from umbilical cord tissue,” said Morey
Kraus, chief scientific officer for ViaCord. This new capability is exclusive to ViaCord, the only cord blood
banking service in the US with licenses to patent rights relating to the expansion of MSCs from cord
tissue as well as the extraction and expansion of MSCs from the tissue around the cord vessels. Banking
newborn cord tissue stem cells in addition to cord blood stem cells provides the potential for a greater
number and variety of cells, increasing chances of potential success and benefit from possible
therapeutic applications.

The agreement also includes a collaborative research initiative, which will focus on the therapeutic
benefits and anti-inflammatory properties of TRT’s mesenchymal stem cells. “ViaCord has established a
leading position in the study and identification of new uses for stem cell treatments within the clinical
setting, and is an ideal complement to the robust scientific foundation that we, at TRT, have built in the
MSC field,” said Davies. The initiative is designed to generate results that will provide a foundation for
clinical studies of stem cell applications for inflammatory joint diseases.

ViaCord family cord banking services currently offers expectant families the opportunity to preserve
their baby’s umbilical cord blood, and cord tissue cells, for potential medical use by the child or a related
family member. To date, ViaCord has preserved the umbilical cord blood of more than 250,000

About Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics (TRT)
TRT is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) with a focus on the commercial development of
their patented Human Umbilical Cord PeriVascular Cell (HUCPVC) platform technology. TRT is the first
company in the world to have issued and allowed patents in both the USA and Europe for extraction of
these unique cells from umbilical cord tissue. TRT provides license opportunities to collaborating partner
companies in the family banking, regenerative medicine and defense sectors. Additional information is
available at

About PerkinElmer, Inc.
PerkinElmer, Inc. is a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the
environment. The Company reported revenue of approximately $1.7 billion in 2010, has about 6,200
employees serving customers in more than 150 countries, and is a component of the S&P 500 Index.
Additional information is available through 1‐877‐PKINYSE, or at

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