Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics Inc. Grants Excusive Canadian License for Its Patent: Viable Cells From Frozen Umbilical Cord Tissue, For Family Banking

Toronto, Canada, September 25th 2015: Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics
(TRT) announced today an exclusive licensing agreement with Cells for Life, which will
now be able to offer families in Canada the ability to extract stem cells from
cryogenically stored tissue surrounding the vessels of the umbilical cord, a rich source
of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). The proprietary extraction method is enabled
through TRT’s human umbilical cord perivascular cell (HUCPVC) patented

TRT is a progressive biotechnology company with a focus on the commercial development
of our patented Human Umbilical Cord PeriVascular Cell (HUCPVC) platform technology
and its TXP family of cell therapy products. TRT has discovered the world’s richest source
of mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (MSCs) with potent regenerative, angiogenic, anti-
inflammatory, and immuno-regulatory properties. Unique advantages of the TRT HUCPVC
platform technology are founded on the highly enriched source of these important cells
compared to other tissue sources. Specifically, HUCPVCs represent high cell yields at
harvest from tissue normally discarded at birth; high frequencies of mesenchymal stromal
cells within the harvested population, their increased biological potential compared to cells
derived from adult tissues and their inexhaustible supply.

About TRT
TRT is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) with a focus on the commercial
development of their patented Human Umbilical Cord PeriVascular Cell (HUCPVC)
platform technology and its TXP cell therapy products. TRT is the only company in the
world to have issued and allowed patents in the USA, Europe and Australasia, for extraction
of these unique cells from umbilical cord tissue. TRT provides license opportunities to
collaborating partner companies in the regenerative medicine, defense, and cord banking
sectors. Additional information is available at

About Cells for Life
For almost 20 years Cells for Life has been a leader in Canadian family cord blood
banking. Cells for Life holds the highest level of voluntary accreditations obtained by North
American cord banks (FACT and AABB) and has a 100% successful transplant engraftment
record from released Cells for Life cord blood units. Cell for Life’s engraftment rate, along
with their multiple accreditations speaks to the company’s relentless dedication to
maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry. As the only Canadian cord bank
with processing and storage facilities located in a hospital (Toronto General Hospital), Cells
for Life offers their clients the best in sample safety and security.

Cells for life is excited to be working with TRT to further operationalize their patented
technology as the exclusive licensee (Canadian Patent Application No. 2634820). In
December 2015 Cells for Life began offering cord tissue mesenchymal stem cell storage
services to Canadians, coast to coast.

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