Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics engineered mesenchymal stromal cells advance monoclonal antibody therapy

Toronto, Canada, August 15th 2016: Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics Inc. (TRT) today
announced that a team of Canadian researchers have for the first time shown that TRT’s
engineered mesenchymal stromal cell product (eTXP) can be used to deliver therapeutically
useful monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) more effectively than administration of the mAbs
themselves. The study appears this month, as a featured paper, in the journal Stem Cells
Translational Medicine.

The compelling evidence is from work carried out at the research laboratories of Defense
Research & Development Canada – Suffield Research Centre, Alberta, Canada (DRDC-s), in
conjunction with the University of Toronto utilizing TRT’s internationally patent protected

The first author Dr. Lorena Braid (now at Aurora BioSolutions, Medicine Hat, Alberta), Drs.
Wei-Gang Hu and Les Nagata, of DRDC-s and Professor John E Davies at the University of
Toronto and President & CEO of TRT, employed the eTXP cells isolated from human
umbilical cord perivascular tissue, and engineered them by adding a gene encoding a
humanized Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV)-neutralizing antibody (anti-VEEV).
They then compared the effectiveness of treatment comprising the purified antibody to one
using the gene-modified eTXP cells as a delivery vehicle for the anti-VEEV in mice exposed
to a virulent form of the mosquito-borne VEEV pathogen. The results show that, unlike the
control cohorts, all animals injected with gene-modified cells survived the challenge.

The authors report that they expect HUCPVC-mediated gene therapy to “provide a broad-
spectrum solution for stealth delivery of therapies for a range of applications and biologics,
including delivery of additional medical countermeasures for biological and chemical
defence purposes.” Dr. Davies added “Monoclonal antibodies are among the most
expensive drugs in today’s therapeutic armamentarium, and many require high frequency
administration. This proof-of-concept study has wide-ranging implications for the extended
delivery of mAbs for many indications including inflammatory diseases and oncology.”

Anthony Atala, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of STEM CELLS Translational Medicine and director of
the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine commented, “This is the first study to
describe engineered mesenchymal stromal cells as vehicles to deliver disease antibodies.
The advantages of this approach include that a single dose could potentially provide

The full article, “Engineered mesenchymal cells improve passive immune protection against
lethal Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus exposure,” can be accessed at:

About TRT
TRT is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation with a focus on the commercial
development of their patented Human Umbilical Cord PeriVascular Cell (HUCPVC) platform
technology and its TXP and eTXP cell therapy products. TRT is the only company in the
world to have issued and allowed patents in the USA, Europe and Australasia, for extraction
of these unique cells from umbilical cord tissue. TRT provides license opportunities to
collaborating partner companies in the regenerative medicine, defense, and family banking
sectors. Additional information is available at:

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