Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics and RoosterBio Inc. Form Strategic Alliance to Commercialize Umbilical Cord Tissue Cell Technology

Toronto, ON, Canada, December 10, 2018 — Today Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics
Inc. (TRT) and RoosterBio Inc. (RBI) announce an important strategic alliance to advance their
shared goal of accelerating the development of the Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy
fields. This collaboration will be focused on applying RoosterBio’s unique scale-up bioprocess
systems to TRT’s core technology around human umbilical cord perivascular cells (HUCPVCs).
Together, it is anticipated that these technology platforms will establish a new level of
perivascular stromal/stem cell manufacturing productivity, thus creating newfound efficiencies in
Regenerative Medicine.

“RoosterBio have established themselves as leaders in hMSC bioprocess systems, and we are
enthusiastic to apply their scalable, cGMP production platforms to our patented umbilical cord
perivascular cellular (TXP) technology. We believe that our TXP technology has unique
advantages over other mesenchymal cell sources, and leveraging RoosterBio’s scalable
manufacturing platforms will accelerate our therapeutic programs. Overall, this strategic
alliance will have far reaching implications in the fields of Regenerative Medicine and Cellular
Therapy.” said John E. Davies, DSc, President & CEO of TRT.

Margot Connor, RoosterBio’s CEO states “Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics have established
themselves as leaders in cord tissue perivascular cells, and we are excited to collaborate to help
drive cell manufacturing productivity within their unique technology platform.” She adds,
“We’ve experienced great collaboration with TRT over the last few years, and we look forward
to deepening our relationship with them.”

About Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics Inc.:
TRT is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) with a focus on the commercial
development of their patented Human Umbilical Cord PeriVascular Cell (HUCPVC) technology
platforms that include culture expanded cells (TXP) and engineered cells (eTXP). The latter are
designed for specific unmet needs, in addition to the constitutive advantages of TXP, by the
engineered secretion of cytokines, growth factors or monoclonal antibodies for targeted
therapies. TRT is the first company in the world to have issued and allowed patents in the USA,
Europe and Australasia, for extraction of these unique cells from umbilical cord tissue, and their
gene engineering. Additional information is available at

About RoosterBio, Inc.:
RoosterBio, Inc. is a privately held stem cell tools and technology company focused on
accelerating the development of a sustainable Regenerative Medicine industry, one customer at
a time. RoosterBio’s products are high volume, affordable, and well-characterized adult hMSCs
paired with highly engineered bioprocess media systems. RoosterBio has simplified and
standardized how stem cells are purchased, expanded, and used in development, leading to
marked time and costs savings for customers. RoosterBio’s innovative products are ushering in
a new era of productivity and standardization into the field, accelerating the road to discovery
in Regenerative Medicine. For more information on RoosterBio and adult stem cells, please
visit, follow on twitter (@RoosterBio), or read the blog “Democratizing
Cell Technologies” (

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