Cell Derivative Platform

Cell Derivative Platform Technology

All TRT Platforms are based on our patent-protected sourcing of cells from the perivascular tissue of the human umbilical cord (see picture of an umbilical artery with surrounding perivascular tissue). A unique discovery resulted in us developing a rapid and easy method of micronizing an expanded perivascular cell population to create an acellular product, which we call our derivative or “juice”. When injected into the tissues of the body we have shown this “juice” to have profound anti-inflammatory properties. This exciting development is very important because other more complex and expensive techniques to derive cell derivatives are becoming increasingly popular, an example of which is the burgeoning field of exosome technologies. The TRT “juice” contains exosomes, but also many other cellular constituents.

Cell Derivative or “Juice”

As mentioned above, our TRT “juice” is anti-inflammatory. We know this because experiments have shown that inflammatory tissue signals are radically reduced after administration of the “juice” (see graph and Dr. Davies’ talk). Also, in part, the mechanism by which our “juice” has this effect is that it contains a complex mixture of bioactive molecules, many of which have specific anti-inflammatory, immune-modulatory and angiogenic properties (see Mass Spectrometry data inset). We also use the Health Canada recognized term human umbilical extract (or HUE) for our “juice”.

Quality Cosmetics

TRT takes the HUE and adds it to high quality creams that can be administered topically (on the skin) as rejuvenating moisturizers with some very special properties. TRT has launched these products under the brand name TRT CELLULARwhich are available on the market today.  Check us out at TRTCellular.com or on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.