eTXP Platform

eTXP Platform Technology

The eTXP platform is based on WO2009/129616; WO2017/214706 and WO2017/214707 and focuses on the genetic engineering of our TRT cells to secrete a particular, targeted, bioeffector molecule. This can include monoclonal antibodies, cytokines or growth factors. Indeed, our patent portfolio allows for the mixing of different engineered cell populations to create unique cocktails of secretorily active cells. These cells were originally designed in conjunction with the Canadian Department of National Defence to produce new medical counter-measures to bio-threats, but are equally important in the civilian domain. Today, some of the most expensive drugs on the market are monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of both inflammatory diseases and cancer. TRT’s eTXP platform provides a more convenient, long-term, delivery platform for such important drugs.

eTXP Cells

As an example of the decisive effect eTXP cells can have, cells were modified to secrete a monoclonal antibody against a deadly virus. Animals injected with the engineered cells all survived and, if not, they died (see graph).  A detailed report can be found here.

Clinical Utility

TRT has been working with the Lung Transplant Group in Toronto to add mesenchymal cells to their pre-transplant ex-vivo perfusion system in order to reduce lung inflammation. IL-10 is an important anti-inflammatory cytokine in the lungs and to boost IL-10 delivery to the lungs, TRT engineered cells to secrete IL-10 in addition to their constitutive secretion of, for example, TSG-6. Importantly, the eTXPIL_10 cells can be cryopreserved and are secretorily active within minutes of being thawed as shown, and can rapidly deliver supra-physiological levels of IL-10, which continues but, importantly, then diminishes soon after transplantation.