Product Platforms

The Three Platforms

TRT has developed 3 distinct product platforms, all based on our extensive patent estate, and which comprise cell (TXP), engineered cell (eTXP) and Cell Derivatives (TRT CELLULAR). Licensing of the TXP platform into the family banking industry has resulted in thousands of parents, from Australia to North America, storing these important cells at the birth of their babies, through the auspices of TRT’s Cord Blood family banking licensees.

The TXP Platform

The TXP platform employs low passage human umbilical cord perivascular cells in their native form, harvested and grown entirely in serum-free and xeno-free conditions.  These TXP cells are potently anti-inflammatory, and demonstrably more so than either bone marrow or fat derived mesenchymal cells.

mesenchymal stem cells

The eTXP Platform

The eTXP platform focuses on the genetic engineering of TXP cells to secrete a particular, targeted, bioeffector molecule.  Of specific interest is the use of these cells as delivery vehicles for monoclonal antibodies.  While intravenous delivery results in cells being trapped in the lungs and disintegrating, TRT and others have shown that intra-muscular delivery results in cells remaining secretorily active for up to 6 months. It’s an effective strategy to overcome deadly viral infections, and to enhance the constituent anti-inflammatory phenotype of the cells themselves.

The Cell Derivative Platform

TRT has developed a rapid and easy method of processing and expanding human umbilical perivascular cell populations to create a cell derivative product (we call “juice”), which we have shown to have profound anti-inflammatory properties.  We know the composition of this complex “juice” contains many anti-inflammatory, immune-modulatory and angiogenic proteins.  As a result, we recently launched TRT CELLULAR to make these products available to the public.  More can be found on our website.